Producing a live event can often be a complicated and time consuming adventure involving lots of meetings, phone calls, and last minute changes. Hiring a competent and knowledgeable production company is one way to reduce at least some of your stress. With experience at all levels of event production, Circle City Audio is the perfect choice for your next event.


We Have The Tools You Need


We have installed and sold a lot of speakers over the last 20 years, so when we heard the Adamson Metrix system, we knew we had found something special.  So special in fact, that we knew when we did live events, we wanted our clients to have access to the clean highs and very powerful lows the Metrix system provided.  

On top of a great line array system, our live production inventory includes a great selection of digital and analog mixers, microphones from Sennheiser, Shure, and Earthworks, and the extreme amplification provided by Lab Gruppen PLM series amplifiers.  We have 10 world class EAW wedges so your talent can hear exactly what it needs to hear to give you their best.  We can even provide live multitrack recordings of your program.   

With a power distribution system and all the other necessities, we are prepared to make your next live sound event one that is unforgettable! 

Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.
- Frank Zappa


The problem with live sound is that no one notices it when it is done right.  That's why we also offer an excellent selection of great lighting fixtures and control systems.  From simple and dramatic uplighting to a modern concert performance, we have exactly what you need to help your event, concert, theatrical production, or trade show booth stand out from the crowd.  

With great control options from Jands and LED fixtures from various manufacturers, we have the right equipment for a diverse set of events.  We are prepared to provide haze and can even design special effects for theatrical productions.



Sometimes an event is so remarkable that you know you want to capture the magic to share with future generations.  With the ability to mix and record live multi-camera productions, you can be sure we will capture the exact character of your event.  Other video production tasks such as IMAG and slide projection are no problem.  We can even stream your event to the internet, so those who couldn't make it can enjoy it as well.  



We are very excited to offer our Fort Wayne area customers our own managed event space!  With our excellent sound system, exceptional lighting, incredible HD screen, and configurable stage and seating, we might have the place you are looking for to host your next event. We've been hosting our Circle City Audio Education series and other training seminars and we are really excited about the possibilities!  Need a space for your next party, concert, independent film release, or corporate training event?  Give us a call today to find out what we have to offer.