Auditoriums and SANCTUARies

Our greatest strength is applying all of our training and experience towards designing and building audio systems that specifically meet the needs of the local performance space. It does not matter if your space is a rural 100 member group or a contemporary room that seats 3,000 - we work with your team to provide the results you are hoping for.

Much of our work in the house of worship market involves removing poorly designed and installed front of house systems. We demo our products in your room as well as bring to bear our computer modeling experience to specifically address your issues and concerns. We have a long list of "finally happy" customers.


We excel in providing cost effective and beautiful sounding systems for athletic facilities both indoor and outdoor. Whether you need a simple public address system or a full range music system we will provide equipment that lasts a long time and allows for simple and consistent operation.

In many environments, the sound system operator is a student or adult who has little or no training in running this type of equipment. We realize this and work hard to make these systems easy to operate and understand.


The days of using a simple boombox in the corner of your retail shop, bar, or restaurant are long gone. Potential customers now expect your place of business to have an atmosphere that is inviting and well designed. For many businesses this means leveraging audio, video, and lighting to improve your customers' experience.

It is well documented that music enhances the buying experience for customers regardless of the purchasing environment. We provide systems that sound great and are easy to operate so your employees cannot diminish the value of your investment. Our restaurant and retail systems will automatically turn themselves on, automatically adjust their volume as the customer generated noise changes, and they will even change source material throughout the day.


In this age of reduced budgets and high expectations, you don't have the time or money to do the job twice. Instead of taking a risk on other companies, why not choose an AVL company with a proven track record of doing exceptional work the first time.

Whether you are presenting a loud and proud political rally with a message that desperately needs to be heard, or something as quiet as a new video projection system for your public library, we have the right solution for you. Perhaps more importantly, we have the track record to back up our claims.

When it comes to public service, a vote for Circle City Audio is a vote for excellence!