Matt Bostater

Matt developed an early passion for music, ignited by the discovery of his parents record albums when he was 10 years old. That enthusiasm only intensified when he began mixing live speaking events and worship services throughout his teens. Seeking to further develop his skills he enrolled in the Commercial Music Technology program at Malone University (Canton, OH). The coursework introduced him to acoustics, music theory, multi-track recording, and MIDI programming. These classes merely whet his appetite and set him on a pathway of a lifetime of learning.

Upon graduating, he continued to work as a live mixer for several bands, special events, and worship services. The experiences he gained as a live mixer have helped him develop deeper listening in his studio work.
Starting a small contracting business proved an important experience in helping him understand the process of running a business. While leading his crew he discovered the joys of teaching. Since that time he has mentored several young bands as they begin to write, perform, and record their songs. He has trained technicians for houses of worship and recommended professional audio equipment to 1000s as a sales engineer at one of the nation’s largest professional audio retailers. It can truly be said that one way he finds his bliss is exploring the sublime twists and turns of signal flow and complex audio routing.


Dante Certification