Emmanual Lutheran Church improves accessibility with Circle City Audio.

Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

If you preach a life changing message, but no one can hear it, does it have an impact?  

That’s the question that ELC and school asked itself as it began its first major renovation project in nearly 50 years.  So when ELC approached us to plan and implement the audio and video components of their historic renovation, we knew we needed to focus on one word.  


Making sure that your church is accessible is an incredibly important step to ensure that your message is coming through loud and clear.  We were able to leverage new and existing technologies to ensure that each and every member of ELC’s congregation could hear the Word.  We designed a hearing loop to serve those with hearing impairments, allowing many of them to hear the message clearly for the first time in years.  We didn’t stop there when it came to improving accessibility.  In fact, we were able to make ELC’s services accessible to those who could not be in attendance through the use of high quality video and audio recordings.  

Mission accomplished?  

Not yet, we took our focus on accessibility one step further.  

Great gear isn’t great if you can’t use it, so we also made sure to design and implement a system that has accessible control points, making the system easy to use regardless of the technical skills of the end user.  Through the use of the Allen and Heath dLive platform, we brought control into the hands of the people who needed it most, making services flow more smoothly, and reducing volunteer requirements for simple events throughout the week, including daily school chapels and smaller church services.   

The end result?  A church that can now reach outside of the four walls of its sanctuary, making the gospel accessible to those who seek it.