'Creating a Moment': Incredible experiences at SHIFT National Conference

You've invited thousands of people from all over the country to join you at your bi-annual national conference, and you need the tools to inspire and engage them.  You need to create a conference full of moments, moments that tell the story of your organization, moments that will stick in the mind of your participants.  You do not  want them to just hear about your organizations work, you want them to experience it in a personal and life changing way.  You have an incredible opportunity to encourage your organization to grow, and you do not want to waste it.  

For us, it is not about the flashing lights and loud music, but rather, it is about using those tools to create an experience.  By putting together complex audio, video, and lighting systems, we gave our client the tools they needed to accomplish their conference's mission.  Our experienced technicians were on hand to help as needed, and make sure the technology was never the focus, but instead remained invisible to conference participants.  

We have the tools you need to create something spectacular.

Create a moment.  

Some of the tools we used to accomplish the goals of the Shift National Conference include gear from the following manufacturers:

Adamson Systems Design-Line arrays
Lab Gruppen-Amplification
Blackmagic Designs-Video switching and control
Chauvet-LED and Intelligent Lighting
Digico-Audio mixing consoles
Global Truss-Trussing and Rigging
Jands Vista-Lighting control
Peasoup-Atmospheric effects
RF Venue-Antenna Distribution
Shure-Wired microphones
Sennheiser-Wireless and IEM systems
Sony-Projection and Cameras

This is all gear we own and is available for rental for your next event.

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