Crossroads Gets a MASSIVE Upgrade.



One of the projects CCA accomplished this week was a massive trussing and projection upgrade at the main campus of Crossroads Community Church in Goshen -

The task was to overhaul the stage ceiling space (the church folks removed a false drywall ceiling to prepare the way) with a giant grid of box truss as well as 'finish' two home-grown truss spans over the congregation. We also added long truss runs down each side of the sanctuary for flexible lighting and camera locations.

Additionally, the oddly shaped center screen that had been standing in the middle of the stage and shot with two projectors was replaced with a 16' wide HDTV format screen being illuminated by a fabulous Sony 6K laser projector yielding incredible brightness of the main/center screen even with full house and stage lighting.

Now, all three projectors are running from the Blackmagic video system we installed last year instead of the center screen having to be separately fed due to the odd resolution so now the video presentation is much more seamless and any content can go to any screen.

Lastly, we incorporated a bar system and fly points for a curtain system so the upstage side doors can be more elegantly used for stage access without people being seen coming on/off the stage. And when it is time for a baptism, the drape is simply drawn away from below the screen to reveal the sunken baptistery with easy viewing under the screen which bottoms at 7 feet high.

Many thanks to Chris Curl and other folks from CCC who helped bring the project to completion by contributing many hours of 'sweat equity'!     
Andrew Van Veld