CCA Welcomes Martin Audio

Circle City Audio, Inc. would like to welcome Martin Audio to our growing catalog of brands. 

Sublime Sound
It goes without saying that these speakers sound remarkably good!

MLA Line Array
Martin Audio has several noteworthy products, their MLA line array products which come in a variety of sizes (MLA, MLA Compact, and MLA Mini) and provide unique control over the sound. With electronic control over the system's vertical coverage and Martin's "Hard-avoid" feature, audio can be placed exactly where the listeners are seated.  The end result is greater clarity and speech intelligibility.

CCD Point Source Speakers
The CDD and CDD-Live speakers are 2-way cabinets that employ Martin's Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology to reduce high frequency beaming while retaining all the benefits of coaxial speakers.
Translation: Smooth coverage both left to right and front to back of the venue.

One More Tool for the Toolbox
We are excited about the tools that Martin Audio brings to our toolbox. We feel these products will enhance our ability to design systems that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.